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Charon Prepares for WAR!

What is it like to go to the Estrella War? For those who have never been to Estrella, no explanation is possible, for those who have attended no explanation is necessary.

Like everything else in the SCA, one gets as much out of a War as (s)he is willing to put into it. Newcomers can be totally overwhelmed by the number of people who attend. Local events and the smaller wars really don't prepare you for the grandeur of a multi-kingdom event.

For those who have never spent much time without the comforts of indoor plumbing and television, War can be a real shock, especially if the weather turns nasty and you find yourself sharing a wet tent with your armor, your wool garb and several sweaty friends for days at a time, but for those who have "survived" their first War, it may well be be the high point of the year.

For some it is the opportunity to renew old friendships cross swords with worth opponents
...for others it is the best party in town
...for others it is very akin to a "religious experience" as they renew their vision of "The Dream" and find that the principles which drew them to the SCA in the first place: valor, honor and chivalry are indeed still very much alive.

Remember the excitement of your first event? Read M'lady Phoebe's account of Boar's War

Boffer Weapons

Click on the knights
to go to the
rules for boffer competition
in the Kingdom of Atenveldt.

Multiple Weapons Division
(ages 13-15)

Estrella XV
February 10-15

April 16, 17, 18, 1999

A Celtic Blessing

May the hearth be gladdened

by the laughter of children,

by the kinship of clan,

by the wisdom of elders,

by the memory of souls passing,

by the joy of souls yet to be born.

No word or thought
to darken the day,

No rememberance or sorrow
to trammel the night,

But sun, moon and stars
to brighten the gathering,

Songs smiles and stories
to share their delight.

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