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Multiple Weapons Youth Division Description:
Age 13-15

Required protective armor:

Helmet (minimum converted sports helmet) with secured heavy chin strap and attached gorget.

Gorget must be constructed to prevent access to the face or throat from underneath the faceplate.

Full face protection with reinforced grill (maximum of 1/2" spacing to prevent 1/2" in diameter tubing from accidentally penetrating faceplate.) Plastic facial protection will not be sufficient.

Neck protection must extend in the rear to at least mid-shoulderblade. Full coif required.

Minimum groin protection for all fighters: sport cup required for males and rigid pubic arch protection required for females.

For females: as a girl matures, she must also have adequate breast protection, e.g. quilted material tunic or umpire pads.

Full rigid frontal thrusting and lateral protection required, e.g. heavy leather, scaled leather, or metal or Kydex plate armor.

Full tunic and full length pants or sweats required.

Mimimum leather kidney and lower back protection required.

Elbows and knees require light leather covered basketball pads minimum.

Hand protection must include heavy gloves or gauntlets with belled or padded wrist protection.

Boots with toe and ankle protection required.

Weapon Construction

Sword and shield construction must meet Light Weapons Youth reguirements.

Two-handed thrusting weapons, e.g.: spears, axes, glaves, etc. will be used in this youth division only.

All two-handed, thrusting type weapons must consist of:
a. Leather or rubber, covering 12 inches of thrusting end of PVC with a secured capped, tipped or balled end.
b. Foam and tape to be a minimum 2 1/2" in diameter and extent 3" past PVC. Striking tip shall aslo include one half split tennis ball end or equivalent over foam on end.

Thrusting weapons require inspection for wear and cracks immediately before each use.

Accepted Armor Convention

All fighters are presumed to be wearing mid-thigh leather gambison and leather skullcap.

Blow Description

Solid, non-glancing contact. Any blow that makes solid edge or point contact will be accepted. Use of force is still not to be encouraged. Any fighter using force sufficient to bruise or injure an opponent should recalibrate blows.

Education and Instruction should include:

Encouragement to participate in dance, theater and arts.

Continued development in all SCA activities: arts, courtly graces, games, offices, courtesy, chivalry, arms and armor.

Introduction to unit/melee combat.

Continued encouragement in good sportsmanship and chivalric behavior on and off the combat field

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