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Atenveldt Boffer Rules

22 May 1995

Unto the Populace to the Kingdom of Atenvedt and the Knowne World from his Grace, Duke Deaton Claymore and his son, Lord Morgan of the Oaks.

After two years of active participation in the organization of SCA youth combat, it has come to our notice that further definitions and standards must be added to the current youth combat requitements. Based on this observation, we have institued division and expansion of youth combat. These pages contain the new divisions and requirements to ensure the safety, education and continued enjoyment of our children, our future chivalry.

In Service to the Dream, Your Servants,

Duke Sir Deaton Claymore

Lord Morgan of the Oaks

ALL Age Divisions
These rules apply to all youth divisions ages 6-15

Rule 1

All fighters must accept any blow that is dealt if it is a fair, clean and purposely delivered shot.

Rule 2

No fighter will give or accept blows below the knee or wrist.

Rule 3

A blow to the body, shoulder, or head is accepted as a "killing" blow.

Any blow to the arm or leg results in the loss of that limb. If two blows are delivered to the arm it will be considered a body blow. If two blows are delivered to the leg, the fighter must remain in a seated position.

Rule 4

There must be an authorized SCA marshal and a youth marshal present on the field while combat is in progress. Youth marshals must be authorized by a current Earl Marshal or Society Marshal and/or a warranted Boffer marshal. If no warranted marshal is present combat is not permitted.

Rule 5

All weapons on the field must be checked by an authorized boffer marshal. Armor will be inspected while being worn by the combatant. During melee combat, authorized weapons must be visibly tagged prior to combat.

Rule 6

Marshals are responsible for combat security. This includes, but is not limited to checking weapons, observing combat, warning a fighter of inappropriate or dangerous actions and by disallowing dangerous weapons.

Rule 7

In case a fighter refuses to accept the judgement of a youth marshal, the youth marshal shall be charged with calling hold on the field until the situation is resolved by an adult marshal if necessary. Decisions can result in removing a fighter from the field.

Rule 8

During melee combat, there will be no blows counted from behind. Any inadvertent blows shall not be counted. Any repeated offense will result in the removal of the combatant.

Rule 9

Before combat begins, a parent or legal gaurdian must sign a waiver for full contact competition. Such a waiver must be presented to the minister of the the lists. If the parent authorizes another adult as guardian for the combat, the parent must submit a Minor's Medical Authorization for to be witnessed by the minister of the lists, naming that individual for the event. The parent or authorized guardian must remain present throughout the duration of the child competition.

Parents, marshals, well-meaning friends: Please do not ask the List Minister to break Kingdom Regulations by violating this rule!

Rule 10

Prior to melee combat, all combatants must be inspected, must be authorized for use of that particular weapon, and shall meet all safety and armor requirements pertaining to the appropriate youth division.

Boffer Youth Division Description:
Age 6 though 9 years

Required protective armor:

Marshallate approved helmet (minimum leather or plastic) with chinstrap and face and neck protection. Full coif is recommended.

Hand and feet protection are required.

Minimum groin protection for all fighters: sport cup, padded skirt, or umpire pads.

For females: As a girl matures, she must also have adequate breast protection, e.g. quilted material tunic or umpire pads.

Full tunic and full length pants or sweats required.

Weapons construction:

All weapons will be made of non-reinforced rubber.

No thrusting weapons will be accepted.

Weapons may be covered with a single layer of loosely wrapped duct tape to support.

Accepted armor conventions:

All fighters are presumed to be wearing only a loincloth. Beginning fighters need to work on coordination and motions only. Power and strength are matters of development and will be addressed in later divisions.

Blow description:

Touch only. Any blow that touches the opponent's body area will be accepted. Exclusion: lower arm and legs. No fighter will give or accept blows below knee or wrists. In addition, a blow need be accepted from the elbow-wrist.

Education and Instruction should include:

Familiarization with field heraldry format

Introduction to chivalric behavior

Encouragement of good sportmanship

Explanations and practice in use, function, and techniques of Boffer Youth Weapons

Light Weapons Youth Division Description:
Age 10 though 12 years

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