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Light Weapons Youth Division Description:
Age 10 though 12 years

Required protective armor:

Marshallate-approved helmet (minimum converted sports helmet) with chin strap.

Face protection (mimimum hocky mask and/or grill) must be constructed to prevent access to the face or throat from underneath the face plate.

Neck protection, full coif, is required.

Protection is required for elbows, knees, feet and hands.

Mimimum groin protection for all fighters: sport cup, padded skirt, or umpire pads.

For females: As a girl matures, she must also have adequate breast protection, e.g. quilted material tunic or umpire pads.

Full tunic and full length pants or sweats required.

Sternum protection is to be added if single-handed thrusting weapons are to be used.

Weapons construction:

All swords/non-thrusting type/must consist of:

a. 1/2" 1.D. PVC minimum

b. Two layers of glass strapping tape.

c. 1/2" foam extinging 1 1/2" past tip of PVC

d. Minimum one (1) layer duct tape wrapped loosely.

e. Qullions or basket hilt of same construction.

All shielding devices:


b. Materials: wood, plastic or aluminium.

c. All edges must be covered by tubing leather or foam.

d. Shape should be recognized as SCA shield.

e. Shields shall not exceed documentable size (in proportion to user) both historically and within SCA guidelines.

All swords/thrusting type/must consist of:

a. Leather or rubber, covering 6" of thrusting end of PVC.

b. Foam and tape to be minimum 2 1/2" in diameter and extend 3" past the PVC.

Specialty weapons to be used one-handed, such as madu, may be used if properly researched and fall within the parameters stated above for single-handed thrusting weapons.

All thrusting weapons must be disassembled and inspected for structural damage once a year.

Accepted armor conventions:

All fighters are presumed to be wearing a quilted calf [sic] and tunic only.

Blow description:

Solid contact, no force required. Any blow that firmly connects will be accepted. Use of force is to be discouraged.

Education and Instruction should include:

Introduction to assisting list master/mistress, herald, marshal or autocrat.

Introduction to gaming, weapons and armor construction.

Refinement of techniques in defense, accuracy and speed.

Continued encouragement in good sportsmanship and chivalric behavior on and off the combat field.

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