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Western Alliance Takes to the Mountains.

In view of the heat at home, a group of Londinium residents accepted the hospitality of our cousins in WinDale on July 11. The good folk of WinDale had arranged a cool, cloudy day for our enjoyment.

We were joined by their Graces, Douglas and Amanda and their children. Master Don Tinamou donned his armor for a few rounds and the rapier fighters seemed to be having a good time, but most of us seemed to prefer just sitting in the grass, enjoying the cool weather and visiting.

Library Demo

The sixth annual SCA "Days of Olde" demo at the Lake Havasu Branch Library was held July 20. In keeping with our recent "less is more" philosophy, it was decided that rather than having a regular planned presentation as we have in the past, we would just take some of our "toys" and answer any questions that came up. The demo was attended by about 20 of all ages, who seemed well pleased with what we had to say and asked many, many questions.

Our shire has been quiet as of late. It’s the heat. We are going to start having a short A & S demo at our meetings (which are held at the local library ). Who ever does the demo at the meeting can continue the demo at our next A&S night. That way we can get some interest in what we have planned for that night. It will also make it easier for people to show a small amount of the art and let the people who are really interested in learning know they can find out more detail on it in a couple of weeks. It gives them time to figure out some questions and participate in the class. (Of course this is speculation we are starting it this month with a large demo at the July meeting). We are interested in putting in a bid for the March 2000 Crown Tourney. We also do want the 2nd week in January for our SPOTLIGHT "Defenders of the Western Shore" event.

Lady Erin

You Know You've Been in The SCA Too Long...
when you see the sitting royalty in the grocery store and automatically bow, despite the fact that His Majesty is wearing shorts and a tee-shirt and is holding a bunch of bananas.

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