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Report for July

As of August 1st, I am no longer the A&S Mistress for Londinium and this will be my final report. Lady Phoebe MacGregor will now be taking over the office.

Not much was reported to me for this month as most from our Shire were getting ready for the Kingdom A&S competition in Aurochsfiord.

Lord James The Just-- Made a few swords, worked on his documentation for entries for the Kingdom A&S competition.

Lady Erin Amazonia The Tall-- Typed documentation for the Kingdom A&S competition and made a new dress, woried on a beaded pouch and started beading a dress in progress.

Lady Estria Kyrie-- Is working on a beaded project of James device.

Lord Arnak the Loud-- Made one ABS plastic breast protector (for rapier combat) and two black ABS plastic gorgets (also for rapier combat)These items are all for new rapier fighters in our local group. Insofar as style of the armor involved, he is pretty much limited to the armor standards as laid out by the kingdom...they are practical pieces. Method of construction: the sheet of ABS is cut using a fine gauge jigsaw blade (oiled so that the ABS doesn't weld itself back together while being cut) and then gently heated to be pliable enough to shape. After final filing and sanding, buckles and rivets are added to finish the piece.

Lady Phoebe MacGregor-- Was working on entries for Kingdom A&S competition, which included a poem, an essay, one illuminated scroll, a painting on panel, a pair of gloves and a beaded circlet

THL Regan Weissdrachen-- Was commissioned and completed a Thegn/Bannthegn scroll for Their Excellencies Gwylym and Gwendolyn of Ered Sul. It was based on ďHezekiah and the water clockĒ, from the Bible Moralisee: Paris, c.1235-45. ( The layout is similar. I have four roundels, two on either side of a text box. The two on top contained the devices of Gwylym on the left and Gwenddwyn on the right. On each device, in canton is the Baronyís device, which is acceptable in SCA heraldry for the founding Baron and Baroness. In the roundel beneath each respective device is a miniature, Gwylym with his son Rhys, and Gwenddwyn with Tiege.

The next scroll commissioned was the Championís scroll for the Kingdom A&S competition, which was also used as an entry. What follows is the documentation for the scroll: The white vine and interlace that frame the three sides of the Championís scroll were inspired by a fifteenth century codex illuminated in 1466. Worked into the Championís Scroll vining are various symbols of some of the many Arts and Sciences of the Society for Creative Anachronism. These include: a flagon and goblets for brewing; a cauldron for cookery and alchemy; bow and quiver of arrows for bowyery; lute for music and performing arts; drop spindle, yarn, bobbin lace, and embroidery hoop for textile arts; tunic for clothing construction; a gage over an anvil for armoury and weapon making. The style is that of the Neapolitan school and shows the influences of the City of Ferrara. The illuminator of the original is thought to have been Giocchino de Gigantibus of Rothhemberg, a calligrapher and illuminator for the court of King Ferdinand of Aragon at Naples. The initial P of the original piece contains a scene of Pope Gregory blessing the crozier of the Archbishop of Ravenna, to whom the original was dedicated. The initial P of the Championís scroll was inspired by an engraving in La vera arte de lo excellente scrivere (The True Art of Good Writing) by G. Antonio Tagliente, published in Venice in 1539. Like the original engraving, the initial P contains quill, ink pot, compass, scissors, and an erasing knife of the period. The border and initial P of the Championís scroll are done in gold leaf, as was the original. Modern watercolors were selected for the translucency and vibrancy of color as opposed to a more period gouache or tempera type paint. Outlining and inkwork was done with mechanical pen, and calligraphy done with a Sheaffer calligraphy pen. The calligraphy of this scroll is round humanistic script (rotunda) as was the 1466 codex mentioned above.

THL Regan Weissdrachen

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