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Chronicler's note: I had asked for a report on Baron's War from other members of the College, but got only one response.

Here is "A Fenris' eye view" of Baron's War
[For those of you who haven't met the gentleman in question, Fenris is 3 years old and has been a member of the Society all his life. He attended his first Estrella War at the age of -2 months and is an old hand at all things pertaining to life in the Current Middle Ages--his Uncle Duncan helped him write this report]

OK, Baron's war was fun. We had fun, and saw lots of other people's kids having fun too! Dunstan had fun with us. He thought we were fun folks, and he was fun to have fun with. He had fun on the archery range. He is a good shot.

Arnak had fun, and we think Phoebe had fun too! Arnak played really nice and won a big prize! Good Arnak, good! Arnak's son, Brian and his friend Domenic had fun too. They got to stay up late and light stuff on fire.

Master Tinamou had fun, but he also had bird meetings, that he must keep secret! We can only hope the meetings were fun, because they're secret, SHHHSHHH! I went to a vigil with Tinamou, it was fun AND they had free snacks! We had fun there, too bad the snacks ran out, or we would have stayed more.

Treebull and Ulrich had fun, but they had acheyheads and tumbly tummies after they woke up. Someone said they found the flu! I never heard of "Brown Bottle Flu". It did not look like fun.

Regan had fun! She got to play her prize and invite the Queen and lots of noble people! She gave them some presents so they could have fun later, with their high octane gifts. She also entered a Laurel Prize Tourney. It was fun too! She got lots of presents from Laurels.

Fenris had fun! He got to run around and be Bob Schulz! He had fun running and running and running and running and running and running and running after he told his Uncle Duncan his Mom said he could have one sip of Pepsi. I think he ran all the way to China.

Mrs. Tinamou had fun! She stayed home with the little 'Mous while Mr. Tinamou was at the war. I don't know how quiet is fun, but she said it was. She said she missed Mr. 'Mou, and would have had more fun if he didn't have to go to the war and go to his secret bird meetings. She made soup for all of us, and muffins too! We had fun eating the snacks she sent.

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