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Charon Celebrates Baron's War Victories

The populace of Charon cannot help but smile and hold their heads high following a Baron's War in which our members aquitted themselves admirably.

We looked around the new location for the the War and were favorably impressed. Although many of us will always have a fond spot in our hearts and will no doubt wax nostalgic for Estrella Park, this site did offer some nice flat areas to camp

Lady Regan looked magnificant, dressed all in white, to play her Prize. Her Majesty, Baron Gwylym and Baroness Gwenddwyn, Baron Padriag, Baron Otto and Baroness Linotte, Baron Lothar and Baroness Katherine, where among the many who attended. Baroness Ynez was suffering form Autocrat-fever and sent an emissary with roses. The fighting was impressive, as were the Arts and Sciences items Regan presented. Her Majesty's daughter, Elizabeth, acted as water bearer during the fighting.

Lady Regan wishes to thank Don Diego and Donna Deborah and the Estudiante de La Escuela de La Espada, as well as all her worthy opponents for their encouragement and assistance in reaching this goal.

After playing her Prize, Lady Regan was encouraged by her Mistress, Dame Lillian, to enter the Laurel's Prize Tourney, where she received many accolades on her work.

At Court Saturday night, Master Tinamou received his first-ever Baronial award. M'lord Arnak also honored him with a pair of fighting gauntlets, which he presented during Court in recognition of Tinamou's constant help to Arnak and to all new members.

M'lord Arnak went on Sunday to claim the prize as Kingdom Rapier Champion. I've been told that M'lord Arnak's courtesy and valor were unmatched. He received no deaths in the double-elimination event. All the fighters who participated were very conscious of acknowledging blows and of fighting honorably. M'lord Arnak is indeed to be congratulated!

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