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Thunderbolt Tourney

Come to the Southern Highlands and enjoy the warm spring air of the Mountains of Thunder!!

The Thunderbolt is the newsletter of the Barony March of Mons Tonitrus. Nominated for Best Overall Newsletter and Best Article in the Master William Blackfox Awards, it has been in continuous publication for over 10 yrs., and it is also a "FREE" newsletter. It is maintained solely through funds generated at this event.

On Saturday there will be lists for Hardsuit, Rapier and Target Archery. Prizes for each category will be: a blade donated by M'lord Marishal, a blade donated by Trapper Jon's Knives, and a recurve bow (no string attached =) ).

Immediately following the Tourney, the Sheriff's Lost and Found Auction will be held. Please contact the Sheriff prior to the beginning of the Auction to claim lost items. In addition, if you are willing to donate items to be auctioned, please contact he Autocrat.

Also, Viscount Sir Bryon l'Ours d'Argent de Bourgogne in celebration of his XXVth Wedding Anniversary to Viscountess Silesia la Cherubica Di Viso is sponsoring a Tourney in conjunction with the Thunderbolt Tourney. Prizes will be a Jeager Sword and a Jeager Dagger. There is one stipulation: Sir Bryon has stated is that in order to participate in his Anniversary Tourney, you must participate in some manner in the Thunderbolt Tourney.

In addition, throughout the day, a pun tax will be strictly enforced by Thegn Philip Sinclair, holder of the pun jar. Please remember that ALL proceeds collected will go to the funding of the newsletter.

There will be a potluck feast after the tourney. There are grills available, so bring your own main course and a side dish that will serve at least six to share.

Site Opens: Saturday, March 31st at 9:00 AM 

Site Location: Veteran's Memorial Park Sierra Vista, AZ 

Site Fee: $2.00 under 12 free 

List Opens: 10:00 AM 

Court: 10:30 AM with Tourney to immediately follow 

Site Closes: 11:00 PM Saturday 

Site is discreetly wet, no glass containers please

Directions: FROM I-10: Exit 302 (Hwy 90 South). Turn right at stop sign. Continue south, approximately 26 miles, until you reach 2nd traffic light (Hwy 90 Bypass). Turn Left. Follow Bypass until 4th traffic light (Fry Boulevard). Turn Right. At the 2nd traffic light, turn right (this is the park). Take the first road to the right and you will see the Ramada to your right.

AUTOCRAT Sehnor G§cauo Diego Ramirš (George Hernandez) 520-417-2129