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At our monthly meeting we decided to have a monthly A&S night as well as a Heraldry night. Our first one on May 10th will combine both A&S and Heraldry. We will be cutting out Banners of our Shire Heraldry, so each of our populace may display a Londinium banner when we go to events. We will be cutting them out and everyone will be able to take them home and sew them together as a double sided or two separate banners. However they see fit.

We are also having a weekly fighter practice on Wednesday nights for all forms of fighting (Hard suit, rapier, boffer, & shanai if we ever get some shanai fighters). We will be having a SCA Showcase once a month on the third Saturday night of each month at Rotary Park to show locals our A & S, our fighting and just what the SCA is all about, the re-creation of the Middle Ages. We are also getting ready for Project Graduation. This is a local event held by various groups in Lake Havasu to promote a drug and alcohol-free event for Seniors on Graduation night. We enjoy helping to promote this event. It also helps that the local High School mascot is a Knight

Lady Erin

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June Seneschal's Report