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Western Shores Defended

Defender of the Western Shore

The most well-attended event in the history of our Incipient Shire was held April 9-11.

Combatants from as far away as Starkhafn and Erd Sul came to test their skill in the first annual Defender of the Westen Shores Tourney

Combat began Saturday morning after a short opening court. Those vying for the title of Defender had to score well in three of four areas of skill. There were lists for Hardsuit, Rapier, Archery and Arts & Sciences.

Though there were few contestants in Hardsuit, there was a fine field of Rapier fighters. Both erics were busy as THL Don Duncan McLean and Taran the Wanderer acting as field heralds called the Rapier fighters to combat.

A three-way tie in the archery tournament was broken in a speed-shoot. Catriona Ghabhalfhada showed her great skill by scoring 16 with 6 arrows shot in under 30 seconds.

Lord Ian MacDonald of Aurochsfjord proved to be the over-all champion and Defender of the Western Shores by winning both the Hard-suit combat and the Arts & Sciences competition as well as doing well in the Rapier.

Following the adult fighting, the erics were turned over to the younger fighters for a Boffer tourney.


With Their Royal Majesties Douglas and Amanda, Their Excellencies of Starkhafn and His Excellency, Baron Gwylym in attendance, many awards and accolades were given at Saturday night's court.

Awards included:
(In no particular order)

  • Lady Caterina of Dandroy was named a Companion of the Light of Atenveldt.
  • Wentliana verch Pengrych Saebeorn received her AOA
  • Lord Edward of Westmark was named a Companion of the Guilded Heart
  • Lady Cartismandua was named a Companion of the Mountain Star
  • Arnak and Phoebe received their AOA's

    Scrolls were presented to the following fighters:

  • Lord Ian MacDonald--Defender of the Western Shores
  • Lord Ian MacDonald--Hardsuit
  • Caitriona Ghabhalfhada--Rapier
  • Caitriona Ghabhalfhada--Archery
  • Absentee AOA's were presented to many of the populace of Aurochsfjord

    The Boffer fighters also received recognition:

  • Eagle Eye of Dandroy- Victor
  • Bear the Wild One-Most Chivalrous
  • Bryan Halbig- Best Death

  • Whitewolf of Dandroy-Victor
  • Rhys ap Gwylym- Most Chivalrous
  • Jordan-Best Death
  • Defender Cont.
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