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Defender of the Western Shores
April 9-11th

Estrella has passed and the flames of war are now embers. We can live peaceful and pastorial lives, correct? No! We must be vigilant and show all that our borders are protected.

Where is this potential threat? Why on our kingdom's western shore at Londinium of course. Plans are afoot for the "Defender of the Western Shores" Tourney, which will test skills at arms in Heavy weapons, Rapier, and Archery as well as a display of skill in the Arts and Sciences on Saturday throughout the day.

Feasting and Revelry are the order of business for Saturday evening. The feast will include bread, Lady Catherina's Legendary Barley Soup, assorted cheeses and vegetables, roast meat and fowl. Bring your favorite desert to share.

Feast fee is $5.00 for adults, $2.00 for under 12, free for under 5. Reservations must be made prior to March 28, 1999.

Site fee is $7.00 with a $2.00 discount with proof of membership (Under 12-$1.00; under 5-free)

The site is discreetly wet; above ground fires permitted; no pets allowed; water on site. There are flush toilets, lights and limited electricity. There is not much shade, so please bring your own. Site opens 5:00 p.m. Friday and closes at 3:00 p.m. Sunday.

DIRECTIONS: Take your best route to Lake Havasu City. You will see a highway marker for Sara Park about a mile south of the city limits on highway 95.

NOTE: This is NOT the site listed in the March Southwind!

Please join us in a display of martial and gentle arts from Friday April 9th through Sunday April 11th, 1999.

Questions should be addressed to the Autocrat: Lady Regan Weissdrachen (520) 453-3229
Seneschal: Lady Erin Amazonia (520) 680-1178
Or Master Don Frederick Tinamou the Untamed (520) 855-3521.

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