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London Bridge Days

London Bridge Days, 1998 was very successful for the College of Charon.

Wednesday, October 28, we were part of the "Quit Rent" Ceremony under the Bridge. Fourteen of our number were "brave" enough to go on stage to model their garb, which ranged from 14th Century court gowns to 16th Century Cavalier finery. Lady Rhiannon narrated the show.

After the "fashon show" we were joined by our kinsmen from the Incipient Shire or Arochsfjord, who helped entertain the local gentry by providing Hardsuit fighters to alternate with the local Rapier fighters as THL Duncan MacLean and Lord James the Just described the action. The evening concluded with drumming and dancing.

Thursday the Rapier fighters once again demonstrated their skill and Master Tinamou donned his armor to help launch Windsor Square.

Master Tinamou and Lord Edward of Westmark also paid a surprise visit to the children at the Library's Halloween Party.

London Bridge Days Continued

After a night that had threatened rain, Saturday dawned pleasant. We loaded children, looms, garb and weapons onto the flatbed and headed to the parade route. Our bold autocrat, M'lady Wentliana verch Pengrych Saebeorn, had managed to have our float moved to #12 in the parade line-up, which made the wait tolerable. For our efforts, we garnered First Place in the decorated vehicle catagory. A large measure of thanks goes to Lady Regan Weissdrachen who did most of the decorating of the float.

Saturday afternoon we entertained the city's children (and in that, we include the young-at-heart, who seemed to be having just as much fun as the youngsters) with rapier demonstrations and the opportunity to shoot combat arrows at Lord Edward's jointed knight targets.

Much thanks goes to M'lady Wentliana, Lady Caterina of Dandroy, M'lady Pheobe and all the others who acted as range masters for the archery; it was a difficult task, which you handled with grace and tact, teaching the archers courtesy and sportsmanship as well as something about archery.

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