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London Bridge Days
The annual London Bridge Days festivities will include extensive participation by the College of Charon, beginning with the Quit Rent Ceremony Wednesday October 28.

Beginning Friday October 30 there will be a period encampment on the ball field at Rotary Park. On Saturday October 31 we will be marching in the London Bridge Days Parade followed by demos and fighting throughout the afternoon with feasting and bardic activities in the evening.

Camping ends Sunday and the field must be cleared by 12:00.

Anyone planning to attend from outside the Lake Havasu area is asked to contact Lady Erin.

London Bridge Days continued

We have been asked to do a "fashion show" as part of the Quit Rent Ceremony on October 28. The show will be on the stage under the London Bridge and will feature some of the garb we have demonstrated at the London Bridge costume contests in past years. Anyone who has garb they wish to display is asked to be prepared to give a description of the garb while modeling it, or have a written description prepared in advance. Include details such as period and country represented, trim, weapons, or other parts of your garb which may be unfamiliar to the mundane audience. If you wish to show more than one outfit, please provide your own models.
Baron's War
November 20-22

Estrella XV
February 10-15

Favor making
You can make a favor for your friends or your favorite fighter: Cut a piece of felt 9" x 3" . Fold over about 3 1/2" on one end and sew or glue it to form a loop to slide on a belt. Turn the felt so that the side without the belt loop is up. You can cut shapes from felt, use beads, thread, or fabric paint to decorate your favor. Use your favorite animal, your initials, or something that is special to you. When all the glue or paint is dry, present your favor to your friend.

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