Autocrat's Report
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Autocrat's Report
Defenders of the Western Shores

This event was held April 9,10 and 11, 1999 in the Common Era, at Londinium ad Rubrum Flumen, mundanely known as Lake Havasu City, AZ. The site was Lake Havasu Speedway, in Mohave County's SARA Park.

30 of our local group were joined by approximately 60 guests, including TRM Douglas and Amanda and their retinue, His Excellency Baron Gwylym and sons of Ered Sul, TE Rowan and Padraig of Sundragon, and TE Conall and Aoibheall of Starkhafn, Caid.

Official events included: Rapier tournament, Hardsuit tournament, Archery shoot, Arts and Science competition, Arts and Science Laurels' tourney, Accolade tourney, Boffer tourney, and Moonlight tourney. Overall winner for the event was Lord Ian McDonald of Auroc's Fjord (Bullhead City), who individually won the hardsuit and Arts and Science tourney. The winner for the Archery and Rapier tournament was Lady Catriona Ghabalfhada of Starkhafn.

Awards were given at Evening Court by both TRM and HE Gwylym, many received by folks here at Londinium, which were:

  • The Light of Atenveldt to Lady Catherina of Dandroy
  • AoA's to Lady Wentliana, Lady Phoebe and Lord Arnak.
  • The Gilded Heart to Lord Edward of Westmark
  • The Mountain Star to Lady Cartismandua Natione Veniconium

    There were no injuries or security incidents.

    THL Regan Weissdrachen
    Event Autocrat